3.5g Lemon Cherry Gelato Indica-Hybrid Strain


Indulge your palate in a symphony of flavors with our 3.5g Lemon Cherry Gelato. This exquisite strain is a harmonious blend of invigorating citrus notes and the sweet, succulent essence of ripe cherries. Each inhale carries the bright, uplifting aroma of freshly squeezed lemons, while the exhale reveals a delightful burst of cherry goodness.


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3.5g Lemon Cherry Gelato is proudly grown in Oakland, CA and contains a bit of mystery to it. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is a cross between GSC and Sunset Sherbet, as well as crossed with an unknown “citrus” phenotype. The result is smoke with effects as bombastic as the cherry citrus flavor on each pull. Most users of lemon cherry gelato report an overwhelming sense of bliss and elevated mood, with recommendations that this may serve experienced users the best.

Cannatique Farms grows its flowers, but they also obtain flowers for concentrate partnerships with other brands and create a line of fashionable clothing and accessories. Known for creating some of the most delectable flavor profiles and lemon cherry gelato seeds releasing additional distinctive terpene profiles, lemon cherry gelato thc level these strains are ideal for full spectrum extractions! Lemon Cherry Gelato with exotic marijuana.

How Strong is Cherry Lemon Ice Cream?

It is a hybrid that leans more toward Indica and has a very wide Lemon Raspberry Gelato range of THC concentrations. THC content in it varies from 25% to 33%. Owing to its esteemed parentage, the Lemon Cherry Gelato variety boasts an abundance of intensely fragrant and flavorful aromas.

How strong is cherry ice cream?

Regardless, Black Cherry Gelato’s THC content reportedly ranges between 22% and 25%, with CBD levels almost non-existent, typically below 1%.

Is Lemon Gelato a good variety?

Lemon Gelato is a great strain for stress and anxiety. The strong body high that this strain provides is also very effective in cherry lemon gelato in managing chronic pain, such as inflammation and joint pain. This is a great variety to enjoy in the afternoons.

Average Testing:

25.25% THC, 0.07% CBD, 25.88% Total CBNDS

More Information
Brand Cannatique Farms
Flower Type Indica
Grow Type Outdoor
Testing 25.25% THC, 0.07% CBD, 25.88% Total CBNDS
Desired Effect Balance, Calm, Euphoria
May Be Good For Appetite, Bliss, Relaxation, Sleep, Well Being


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