4g CREAM Hybrid Strain


The 4G CREAM Hybrid Strain is a meticulously crafted cannabis cultivar that stands at the forefront of modern hybrid genetics. This exceptional strain is the result of blending two distinguished varieties, combining their unique attributes to create a truly harmonious experience for cannabis enthusiasts.


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4g CREAM Hybrid Strain from Cannatique Farms. In addition to growing their flowers, Cannatique Farms develops a line of fashion clothing and accessories and assists in sourcing flowers for concentrate partnerships with other manufacturers. They have a reputation for creating some of the most mouthwatering flavor profiles and for releasing additional unusual terpene profiles, which are ideal for full-spectrum extractions! Unusual marijuana.

C.R.E.A.M. is one fruity and musky hybrid flower peppered with orange and blue hairs across its crystal dry buds. As a descendant of the Animal Mints and Cookie families, C.R.E.A.M. is incredibly balancing Blue Raspberry gelato and relaxing, and good for anytime use. With a higher percentage and very frosted buds, this may be best for an experienced user who needs to take the edge off any nagging ailments or a novice who is looking for a “one and done” cannabis flower to hit and take off. 

Is Cream sativa or indica?

The cream is an Indica-dominant cannatique 4g – cream cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 that features β-caryophyllene, δ-limonene, linalool and humulene as the dominant terpenes, giving this strain a mint and citrus hop flavor, with earthy notes of coffee, a touch of berries and a creamy vanilla finish.

What is the Cookies and Cream hybrid strain?

A hybrid strain known as Cookies and Cream was produced by mating Girl Scout Cookies with Starfighter. It is well-known for both its well-balanced euphoric and calming effects, as well as its sweet, creamy, earthy scent with traces of vanilla.

Average Testing:

26.49% THC, 0.07% CBD, 27.95% Total CBNDS

More Information
Brand Cannatique Farms
Flower Type Hybrid
Grow Type Outdoor
Testing 26.49% THC, 0.07% CBD, 27.95% Total CBNDS
Desired Effect Appetite, Balance, Calm
May Be Good For Bliss, Energy, Relaxation, Sleep, Well Being


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