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Banana Bank is a hybrid marijuana strain made by fusing Ghost OG with Skunk Haze. The result is a strain that has a flavor and aroma similar to a bushel of fresh bananas. Banana kush often produces a relaxed buzz and a pleasant high. Banana juice strain is an excellent choice for coping with stress or depression. Additionally, it fosters creativity and encourages conversation in social settings.

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Banana mist strain, sometimes referred to as “Banana,” “B1,” and “B1 Bananas,” is a hybrid marijuana strain with a predominance of indica. Snoop created Leafs from scratch. Although it is also available in flower form, this hybrid strain with an indica predominance is frequently sold as a concentrate. This shatter gives invigorating mental benefits to stimulate creativity and aims to capture the pleasant tropical scents of fruit and banana juice strain.

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Cannabis connoisseurs should try the Banana cannabis variety. She has some really sultry, extremely tropical vibes to offer. Green banana strain, citrus, and pepper flavors stand out the most in the mixture. This juicy banana strain produces a euphoric high that is stimulating, cerebral, and uplifting. Additionally, it gives off a body high that elicits a tinge of calm. Bananas are potent and provide a long-lasting high thanks to their extraordinarily high THC content (between 23 and 30%) and low CBD content (about 0.7%). When seeking a boost in creativity and focus, the strain is best enjoyed during the day.

The average flowering period for a banana is 9 weeks. Indoor plants produce about 400g/m2 in yields. Outdoor types per plant can produce a tremendous 900g.

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