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It is known that Blue Strawberry contains 75% sativa and 25% indica. It is created by mating a strawberry with a new blue line, which has different compositional values. This particular strain’s distinctive aroma is fruity, and the flavor is the same. It is easily cultivated both inside and outside. It has a fantastic perspective and unquestionably offers a reasonable yield. 

The patient experiences a cerebral influence from this marijuana. Focus is not disturbed, and the patient’s energy levels are increased as needed. Its physical characteristics include long, projecting stems that are typically chilly in appearance. The known breeder of this variety is World of Seeds. It has a known 20% THC level, which is high. According to its medical application, it can relieve symptoms of anxiety, excruciating headaches, and chronic pain in patients. 

Overall, it produces a euphoric impact on the patient and is favored by many people all over the world because of its calming effects. About 65 to 75 days are needed for the blue strawberry strain to reach full blossom.

About Strawberry Blue Strain

The strawberry blue strain has a beautiful aroma and potent sativa effects, making it a great daily strain for elevating your mood and calming your mind. This gorgeous strain was developed by World of Seeds growers by fusing Strawberry and New Blue Line to produce a Sativa-dominant hybrid that functions as a jack of all trades. Both medicinal patients and recreational users will like this 75/25 strain.

Strawberry Blue is excellent for producing sativa effects without being too potent for novice users because it normally contains about 20% THC. This strain’s nugs have a delicious perfume that combines blue strawberry seeds notes with those of other sweet berries. Regardless of how they choose to smoke it, users comment that it has one of the most pleasant tastes they have ever encountered. The nugs of blue strawberry pot are stunning, with very frosty trichomes that have a hint of blue color. On these long, thin buds, pistils are light and abound.

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