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Nirvana Seeds’ take on the traditional Indiana Bubble Gum is called Bubbaloo UVA (not to be confused with Wonka’s Bubblicious). Bubblicious, which has been perfected in the Netherlands since the 1990s, captures the distinctive Bubbaloo runtz strain flavor that gave this combination its first recognition. Bubblicious occasionally even takes on a pink color, further supporting the name of the plant. Even for seasoned THC users, Bubblicious’ potent and calming effects provide full-body relief from stress and tension.

Bubble Gum Runtz | Bubble Gum Runtz Strain Online

To produce enjoyable cannabis, Afterthought Autos crossed these three types to create this one. Bubbaloo weed originated from a ruderalis, indica, and sativa cross. It is an automatic flowering cultivar, and Bubblelicious is one of its parents.

It was initially cultivated in the Midwest of the United States before being transported to the Netherlands and polished there. This type is perfect for many customers because it is quite sweet and resinous. When the Bubblelicious is traced back, an unknown ruderalis and an AK 47 are used.

Flavor and Effects of Bubble Gum Runtz

Combine a highly sweet cannabis strain with some goodies that have a citrus or earthy flavor. Once you’ve felt its effects on your body, you’ll also experience an uplifting effect as compensation. It enables mental and physical relaxation so that you can feel rejuvenated both during and after its influence. It can be used by people new to marijuana medication.

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