Cannatique Blue Raspberry Gelato For Sale 

Another name for this strong hybrid marijuana strain is “Cannatique blue raspberry gelato,” which is thought to have come from a Raspberry Kush cross. Although not much is known about this mystery strain, users report that it offers pleasant, elevating, and relaxed effects. It is frequently found in cartridges. The flavor characteristic of the blue razz strain is sweet with hints of skunkiness. 

Patients using medical marijuana select this razz strain in an effort to reduce headache and pain symptoms. According to growers, indoor cultivation of raspberry rocket strain takes roughly 10 to 12 weeks for it to flower. About this strain’s flavors and effects, we still don’t know anything.

Blue Raspberry Strain Online

In a masterful hybridization session, Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet were combined to create Blue Gelato 41. The exhilarating but distinct effects of Blue Gelato 41, an Indica-dominant raspberry rocket strain, are produced. She tastes fantastic, is trippy, and extremely intense. The flavors bring to mind delicious, succulent fruit.

When given the proper care, Blue Gelato 41 can grow up to 200 cm in height and produce up to 3000 grams of fruit per plant. The flowering period indoors lasts approximately 9–10 weeks, while outdoors, this plant needs to be chopped by the middle of October. This razz punch strain, raspberry gelato strain, has excellent crystal production, which adds to its aesthetic attractiveness.

Is Blue Raspberry Indica or Sativa?

The fact that the Blue Raspberry strain’s origins are somewhat mysterious is among its most intriguing features. Most likely, it’s a hybrid mix between another cannabis strain and the Runtz gummies, Raspberry Kush strain. Still unknown, though, are Blue Raspberry’s exact origins.

This raspberry Ice strain leans more indica. Though its background is unclear, enough users have reported physical attributes and effects that more closely fit this strain with properties associated with indica dominance. If you look hard enough, you can find some conjecture about the strain’s origins.


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