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Cannatique Cream is a hybrid strain with a 70% indica and 30% sativa ratio that was produced by crossing the legendary Extreme OG with the incredibly tasty cream strain. As the nugs burn, the aroma becomes more and more aromatic and creamy, with a skunky berry undertone.

Cream and Sugar Strain Online

THC measured at 26.49%. With the first-time discount, I got this for roughly $ out the door; without it, it would have cost roughly $. A special thank you to The Growers Collection (cream pop, grapes n cream strain) and Abstrax Labs for reasons that will become apparent later in the article. I saw this C.R.E.A.M. on the shelf when I stopped at Calma West Hollywood to pick up a sample pack. 

Although the ticket was really expensive, it seemed really beautiful, so I decided to throw it down and test whether its beauty matched its bang. The surface of these rather small buds is mostly pear in color, with faint purple and lime green highlights. It is all densely covered with an eye-popping thick coat of egg cream-colored triches, creamz strain, which has a hazy shine.

It’s really rather lovely stuff, but regrettably, the good vibes don’t last long. The nose straight out of the jar smells really hazy, almost completely blank. The best (heavy cream strain, cream cookiez strain, blackberry cream strain) description I can come up with is that it smells like a mix of spice and plant with a faint, muted whiff of must. Opening a bud reveals that the scent is still faint, though it does seem to change a little, bringing in some new components and a faint hint of cream and flowers. It’s still extremely thin and flat. 

Disassembling it by hand, It’s pretty unusual for me not to smell on my fingertips. It smells like going through a forest with your scent sensors cranked down to the lowest possible degree. The grinds themselves have an ambiguous minty plant smell with a hint of pine. 


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