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An effervescent combination of Blueberry, AJ Sour Diesel, and Headband is Lemon Cherry Runtz Pink Starburst. Contact us for more information.


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An effervescent combination of Blueberry, AJ Sour Diesel, and Headband is Lemon Cherry Runtz Pink Starburst. It has fragrant, tightly packed, vivid lime green buds that are entwined in orange pistils. According to legend, this black cherry runthol strain is ideal for socializing, creative inquiry, and cognitive improvement. Users have reported that its dynamic intellectual impacts are lighthearted, making difficult work seem simple and making solutions more readily available. This runthol strain is a delight to smoke and delivers a sensual, cerebral high that is ideal for artists and engineers thanks to its delicious terpene profile.

Pink Starburst and lemon cherry runts (neon runtz strain, black cherry runts) users claim that it has pain-relieving or appetite-stimulating qualities. Terpinolene, Limonene, and Beta-Caryophyllene are all part of its distinctive terpene profile. Both newcomers to smoking and experienced stoners can benefit from this strain’s average THC content of 18%.

Lemon Cherry Runtz Strain Sativa or Indica Online

Starburst, white cherry runtz strain, often known as Pink Starburst or Starburst OG, is a 60% sativa, 40% indica hybrid strain that is sativa dominant. It contains 20% to 30% THC, which is moderate to high. This well-balanced strain has a sweet taste and strong soothing and energizing effects.

Pink Starburst, cherried lemons is the love child of Sour Diesel BX3, commonly known as AJ Sour Diesel, and a rather complicated three-way mix between DJ Shorts Blueberry and Headband. Anesia Seeds recently developed it to produce a strain with a high THC concentration, a pleasant, fruity flavor, and potent effects. Pink Starburst, cherried lemons may be able to manage stress, anxiety, and sadness according to its effects.

There is no denying Pink Starburst’s potency, with THC concentrations up to 30%. But this super cherry runtz strain might be too powerful for novices. Pink Starburst’s genotype, which is 60% sativa and 40% indica, creates a good balance between its energizing and calming effects.

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