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Live Rosin 1 Gram Disposable Vape Carts, the pinnacle of cannabis vaping. Each cartridge is packed with 1 gram of high-quality live rosin extract, meticulously crafted to preserve Natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Our strain selection is unparalleled, offering diverse options for your preferences. There’s a strain for every mood, from the energizing and uplifting Sativas to the relaxing Indicas.Experience pure, unadulterated cannabis flavour with the convenience of a disposable vape cart. It’s the ideal way to savour the essence of your favourite strains on the go. Elevate your vaping experience with our disposable live resin today.

Are live rosin carts strong?

The plant material is frozen during extraction to retain its potency, flavour, and scent. As a result, live resin disposables have a higher potency, more intense flavour, and a stronger scent than Standard Carts.

Why is live rosin the best?

Disposable live resin pen is a highly concentrated extract with the most complete profile of fresh cannabis flower properties of any extract in its class. It is made without chemical solvents, making it a popular choice for those looking for a strong, all-natural high.


Certainly, here are some key features of resin disposable pen for strains:

Premium Live Rosin Extract: Packed with 1 gram of high-quality live rosin extract, ensuring a full-spectrum, flavorful cannabis experience.

Diverse Strain Selection: Various live resin dispos are available, including Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids, to cater to different moods and preferences.

Full Terpene Profile: Preserves the natural terpenes, enhancing each strain’s authentic taste and aroma.

Disposable and Convenient: Hassle-free disposable design for on-the-go use without additional equipment or maintenance.

Consistent Dosage: Precisely measured dosages in each cart, ensuring a consistent and controlled cannabis experience.

No Added Additives: Free from harmful additives, fillers, or diluents, providing a pure and unadulterated vaping experience.

Ease of Use: Simple operation suits beginners and experienced users.

Portable and Discreet: Compact and discreet, allowing users to enjoy live resin disposable pens without drawing unnecessary attention.

Long-Lasting Battery: A reliable battery that ensures the cartridge lasts through multiple sessions.

These features create a high-quality, convenient, and enjoyable vaping experience for resin disposable pen


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