Mambaz Watermelon For Sale

The indica marijuana strain “Mambaz Watermelon,” often referred to as “Watermelon Kush” and “Watermelon OG,” was created by crossing two unidentified parents. Watermelon candy strain has calming properties that make it a good sleep aid or hunger stimulant. As its name implies, this strain has a distinctive fruity watermelon flavor profile with overtones of hash. 

Due to its great yield and potency, the Watermelon glue strain is highly valued by farmers and takes 55 to 60 days to flower. This strain, according to growers, features big, dense buds that are prized for their high THC concentration. 

Watermelon Crawl Strain Online

There aren’t many more fruity cannabis strains than Watermelon. This very indica-dominant hybrid practically warns you before you even take a hit that you’re about to pass out. Her dark purple and green buds, along with the scents of fruit and honey, scream couch-lock and crimson eyes. 

Our breeders set out to gratify the indica fans out there when they created this variety, and they most surely succeeded. You might think about including the Watermelon soda strain in your cannabis collection if you prefer smoking in the evenings to relax and unwind. Learn everything there is to know about this Watermelon mama strain, including her ancestry, flavors, and effects, as well as how best to cultivate her.

Watermelon Automatic

This magnificent variety has watermelon haze strain flavors that are recognizable, rich purple hues, and a 20% THC concentration. Our breeders produced this variety by crossing Tropicanna Cookies with Lemon OG, and went on to become one of our most potent and well-liked autos.

Even though she is smaller, she still offers a satisfying bounty when harvest time rolls around. Indoor plants can produce up to 500g/m2 and reach heights of 80–110 cm. At the end of the growing cycle, their outdoor counterparts weigh between 50 and 90g per plant and reach a height of 120cm. It would help if you waited 8 to 9 weeks after sprouting to begin cutting and drying Watermelon Automatic’s buds, which adds to all of her appealing attributes.


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