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Mora Azul, sometimes referred to as “La Azul,” is a delicious hybrid strain formed by crossing the Sunset Sherbet and Biscotti strains. It has a modest indica dominance, with 60% indica and 40% sativa. Known for both its exquisite taste and beautiful look, Azul is the ideal hybrid for anyone who enjoys Indica strains. Gorgeous long, dense, pepper-shaped forest green nugs with deep blue overtones, thin orange hairs, and a layer of tiny, white crystal trichomes colored vivid blue can be found on this bud. 

Aromas of fresh, peppery menthol and sweet yet spicy blueberries emerge as you tear apart each sticky tiny nugget. The taste is more on the sweeter side, with notes of spicy earth and crisp menthol contrasting with the flavor of fresh blueberries. The initial effect of the Mora Azul Strain high is a cerebral tingling that travels from your forehead throughout your entire brain. 

This sensation will assist you to calm down and unwind carefree by subtly defocusing your thoughts. If you have anything to do other than take a nap, watch your dosage since it will take on a soothing effect! Mora Azul Strain is an excellent option for treating chronic stress or anxiety, headaches or migraines, chronic pain, depression, or mood swings because of these effects, in addition to its high 13–24% average THC content.

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