Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato Online



Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato Online

A hybrid strain called Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato Online was produced by mating the traditional Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Haze strains, with a 50/50 ratio of sativa to indica. The name of this celebrity child’s flavor speaks for itself. With blasts of intensely sour and creamy zesty lemon taste, Platinum Cherry Gelato packs a sweet and delicious cherry berry flavor. The scent has the same flavor profile, but it also has a hint of fresh earthiness and rich black pepper. 

Nearly as soon as you take your first delicious breath out, you experience the Platinum Cherry Gelato high, which immediately fills your head with a feeling of uplifted exhilaration and comfort. You’ll have a sense of creative inspiration that will help you stay motivated and go forward with the task at hand. But it would help if you moved swiftly because this concentration will soon become euphoric, leaving you occasionally unfocused and giggly. 

Platinum lemon cherry is frequently used to treat chronic fatigue, ADD or ADHD, migraines or headaches, depression, and chronic stress because of these effects and its extremely high 27–30% average THC level. The olive green nugs on this bud are tightly coiled into a heart shape, and they are covered in frosty milky amber crystal trichomes.

Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain Effects

The powerful cerebral high that cherry lemonade gelato produces is coupled with a lingering physical buzz. After a long day, this strain is excellent for relaxing because the high can continue for up to many hours. Smoking lemom cherry gelato is best done in the evening or at night because of its soothing effects.

How Does Lemon Cherry Strain Make You Feel?

The effects of the lemon cherry strain give the user a powerful body buzz and an intense and lingering cerebral high. It is best used in the evening or at night because the high can be quite soothing. The strain can inspire creativity while relaxing, uplifting, and making the user joyful.

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