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Also known as White Mystery, White Widow is one of the most famous strains in the world and is available in every coffee shop in the Netherlands. White Widow, a white ibis strain, is a potent crossing between indica and sativa that originally comes from the Netherlands, first appearing in the 90s. Consumers reported becoming talkative, creative, euphoric and energized.

Literally, thousands of marijuana white indica strain has been found, bred, and smoked over the years. There’s a good chance that White Widow is the only strain with the same legendary status. This strain’s ancestry is still unknown today.

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Indica-dominant hybrid strain Mystery Weed, sometimes referred to as “Mystery Kush,” was produced by mating OG Kush with an unidentified hybrid strain. Obviously, the mystery surrounding this bud’s second parent is where it gets its name. But regardless of the breeder, Mystery Weed has generally been found to have a THC content that can range from 16–18% on average. White flower strain is reported to have some pretty powerful full-body effects despite the lack of information available on it. The high begins with a pleasant lift that uplifts your mood and infuses a profound sensation of serenity and relaxation into your entire soul. 

Your body will start to become more and more sedated as these feelings intensify, leaving you buzzed and exhausted on the couch with a sudden pang of hunger. Mystery cannabis is a patient favorite for treating diseases like chronic pain, sleeplessness, nausea, and appetite loss because of these effects. This white flower strain has a kushy flavor that is complemented by a dank herbal exhale and is sweet and spicy. 

When the nugs are torn apart, the aroma is incredibly spicy and dank, with a tinge of earthy kush and a tiny bit of lemon. Mystery Weed, a white bud strains, has extremely rounded, thick, neon green nugs that are covered in tiny milky crystal trichomes and have scant orange hairs.

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