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White Raspberry Gelato is a delicious dessert strain with generally balanced effects. We are leaving the user feeling content and at ease. However, there is still sufficient energy for survival. Several users have used this strain to relieve depression and anxiety. THC levels have been estimated to range from 27% to a startling 31.63%. 

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Rasberry gelato strain is a hybrid strain with an unknown mix of other hybrid strains that has a 70% Indica/30% sativa ratio and is Indica dominant. White Raspberry, so named for its stunning appearance and delectable flavor, is the ideal indica for any discriminating enthusiast. Rasberry gelato strain buds feature gorgeous, big, massive, dense emerald-green nugs that are covered in a thick layer of milky white crystal trichomes and have thin orange hairs. 

Fresh, sugary raspberry fragrances are emitted as you separate each sparkling small white nugget, and as the nugs burn away, they are complemented with hot black pepper and hash. With a delicious and sugary raspberry taste and a faint hint of spice, the flavor is on the sweeter side of things. The Raspberry gelato strain, winter berry strain high, is equally as pleasant, with a calming and joyful undertone that uplifts the mood and unwinds the body. Any negative or rushing thoughts will be replaced by a mildly energized sense of enjoyment that leaves your head feeling a little fuzzy. 

Your body will start to settle into a pure state of relaxation that isn’t overly sedative at the same time. White raspberry gelato strain is frequently used to treat persons who experience problems like chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, nausea, or appetite loss because of these effects and its high 21-22% average THC potency.

Effects and medical benefits of the winter berry strain

Given that White Raspberry Gelato’s THC content may reach 31.63%, the variety is well recognized for helping those who have trouble sleeping. The strain is, therefore, best used at night. Additionally, the stress makes you hungry.

Numerous experts have recommended this strain for use in treating a type of medical ailments, including cancer, depression, anxiety, and many others. 

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